Damauli College of Higher Studies was established in 2000 AD (2057 BS) by a team of highly enthusiastic academician. It is located in Damauli Bazaar, Tanahun district. It has grown its status over a short period of time and Committed for quality education. It is affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU), Purbanchal University (PU) and National Examinations Board (NEB).

 It offers outstanding academics in the context of global awareness and personal involvement. The reputed, experienced, competent and dedicated teachers are elaborate in the process of sublime achievement.

It has ultimate mission for nation building and social change by expansion of the horizon of the students’ minds set through creative and innovative education. With the slogan “Education towards excellence”, It is moving forward offering stores of knowledge and practical skills to cope with the demand of the nation.

It has occupied over 6 ropanis of land and has its own building with well infrastructure. The college has been running ten plus two program in Management, Humanities and Education and Bachelor degree programs such as BBS and B.Ed.


Damauli College is located at the centre of Damauli bazaar, the district headquarter of Tanahun District in Sankhar Tole of Vayas-11.It is about 500 meters north of Damauli main sqare. It is 150km west of Kathmandu, the nation’s capital, and 50 Km east of Pokhara, a very famous tourist destination of Nepal.Damauli College is  named after popular city Damauli, the birth place of Ved Vyas, who inscribed the Mahabharata. The college has become a famous academic institution in western region of Nepal .


We believe in works, not in words. Damauli College has its clear mission of quality education which integrates professional skills, and career focused Education. To accomplish its mission, Damauli College has established the following objectives.

  1. To provide the students with adequate opportunities and new vision to cope with the challenge of the time.
  2. To develop the college in to a center of academic excellence to promote, sustainable livelihood and mutual respect among the people with diverse ethnic and socio-economic background.
  3. To develop students’ overall personalities by providing sufficient exposure in terms of their interest.
  4. To stand as the lighthouse to all the academic institutions of its vicinity.
  5. To impart high quality education to the students.
  6. To plan and provide facilities and resource that respond to the needs of students.
  7. To strengthen academic institution linkages with other institutions and university in Nepal and abroad

Academic Programmes

Damauli college  runs +2 programmes in Humanities,Education, and Management groups with different attractive subjects like Hotel Management, Computer Science, Travel and Tourism , Envionment Science, English, Mass Communication, accountancy business studies and so on under the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB).  .There are currently two shifts: Morning shifts  and  Day shifts for all the groups of students. This College runs BBS programme  under TU and B.Ed. under PU. Similarly, this institution  runs school level teacing from Nursery onwards under the same roof.

Facilities for students

  1. Library: Damauli College has a library with a good collection of prescribed textbooks and update reference books.
  2. Sports: This College provides games such as badminton, table tennis, volleyball and other indoor games.
  3. Extra curricular activities: Cultural program, Quiz contest, Spelling contest, Creative writing
  4. Scholarship: Different forms of scholarship are awarded to meritorious, poor, disabled and disadvantaged students.
  5. Medium: Classes are conducted both in English and Nepali languages.
  6. Transportation: The College is very accessible by the pitch road. Students and parents can also park their vehicles within the college premises.
  7. Cafeteria: The cafeteria is situated within the college premises .It provides fresh, wholesome and delicious item of food on a cost recover basis.

committed and stable team to impart quality education.

  • Excellent board result of students
    -Psychological treatment to maintain discipline of students.
  • Dedicated and friendly staff.
  • Modernized college buildings.
  • A planned programme of teaching & assessment.
  • Initial and continual guidance about the course.
  • Regular reports on your progress.
  • Quality facilities and resources for study.
  • Comprehensive career counseling throughout your time in college.

Remedial classes

 The College runs additional remedial classes when necessary. Coaching classes for the major subjects are run by the experienced subject teachers.

Method of teaching

  1. Limited and manageable students are arranged in the class.
  2. The notes, materials and handouts are provided to the students by the concerned teachers.
  3. Visiting teachers or professors are called to give lectures on important topics.
  4. Group discussions and interaction are conducted.
  5. Audio-visual aids are used (video showing, cassette playing ,use of projector)
  6. Paper presentation,  seminar and workshops are held.
  7. frequent tests and examinations are given.

Policies and Regulations

  1. Students are obliged to attend the classes regularly. If students have to leave the classes for more than two days she/ he must furnish an explanatory letter from their parents/ guardians.
  2. All students must attend the classes in neat and tidy college uniform. The details of the uniform will be given from the reception desk.
  3. Students playing truant fall in blacklist.
  4. College identification card is mandatory to enter the college premise.
  5. Smoking, use of alcohol or alcoholic beverages and unperceived medical drugs are prohibited.
  6. Complaints are to be addressed to the Principal in writing.
  7. Minimum attendance of 90% of the class is required according to HSEB rule.

Academic program

Bearing in mind the present need and social demand, Damauli College has been conducting the following academic programs.

10+2 Management: (Morning & day) Com. English, Com. Nepali, Business studies, Accountancy, Economics Business math’s, Marketing, Travel &Tourism

10+2 Humanities: (Morning & day) Com. English, Com. Nepali, Cont. Society, Sociology Economics, Nepali, English, Population, Math’s, Linguistics

10+2 Education: (Morning & day) Com. English, Com. Nepali, Introduction to Education, Educational Pedagogy, psychology, Curriculum Development& Practice teaching, English, Nepali, Population Economics, Social Studies, Maths

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